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Coaching Services

Individual 3-Session Cycles & Deep-Dive Coaching Program Packages

Choose the Best Fit for You

Services: Coaching Services

3-Session Cycles

Services: Cycles
  • Each Cycle includes 3 Coaching Sessions

  • Each Coaching Session is 1 hour long

  • Flexible Scheduling 1-2 weeks apart

  • The Core 4 for Couples

    • Automate​

    • Communicate

    • Love & Hate

    • Co-Create

  • For Individual Coaching

    • Daily Habits & Productivity

    • Self-Love

    • Life Change & Transition

    • Financial Planing

    • Spirituality & Religion

  • For Businesses

    • Start-Up

    • Systems Optimization

    • Team-Building

    • Restructuring

Services: Cycle Details

The Core 4

Make Your Relationship Better Than Ever!

Evidence from extensive couples' research supports a few elemental relationship paradigms:

1. Your relationship is built on your dynamic and knowing/accepting your partner, not matching your personal preferences.

2. Your attitudes and personality naturally change over time.

3. Your interactions and relationship dynamic can change.

4. Your interactions need to be balanced at least 5:1, Positive vs. Negative interactions, on average.

So, we will work together to learn about yourself, your partner, your dynamic, and practice techniques to be 5x nicer to yourself and your partner.


Map out the cycles you're repeating


Resolve arguments and navigate conflict

Love & Hate

Learn when, how, and what support your partner does and doesn't want


Re-imagine the life you're creating together

Services: The Core 4

Deep Dive Programs

Multiply the Returns of the Energy You Invest

Greater Value 
Extended Sessions 

Daily Accountability 

Lasting Results

You must first complete a 3-Session Cycle to ensure we have a cohesive coaching relationship before applying for any Coaching Program.

Monthly Payment options are available.

Save up to 50% compared to paying per Cycle when you Pay-in-Full for your program.

"As Low As" prices reflect discounted prices when you Pay-In-Full

"Value" prices reflect estimated value for combined standard hourly rate

Reserve your seat with a $500 Deposit (non-refundable commitment).

Services: Program Header


32 Day Program

As Low As $795 or $25/Day

$1,132 Value!

(Based on approximately 17 total program hours over 32 days)

6 Weekly 1.5 Hour Sessions

Daily Motivational Reminders

Built for Planning & Achieving

Plan Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Goals

Focus-in on a Project, Habits, or 


You will know exactly how you want to spend your time daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly to make your milestones. 

Services: LAUNCH 🚀


56 Day Program

As Low As $1350 or $25/Day

$1,920 Value!

(Based on approximately 24 total program hours over 56 days)

10 Weekly 1.5 Hour Sessions

Daily Research-Backed Practices

Designed for Loving Self-Awareness

De-identify from Your Self-Critic’s Narrative

Improve All of Your Relationships with Others by First Improving Your Relationship With Yourself


Learn & implement research-backed tools for loving yourself, unconditionally, every day.

Services: Self-Compassion 💕

I Ching (Change & Transition)

64 Day Program

As Low As $1600 or $25/Day

$2,264 Value!

(Based on approximately 28 total program hours over 64 days)

10 Weekly 1.5 Hour Sessions

Structured Around the Wisdom of the Ancient Chinese Oracle: 

The I Ching

Daily Step-by-Step Processes of Change

See the World as the Ancients Did

Learn a 3,000-5,000 year-old Process of Divination

RESULTS: Learn and implement skills to dissolve your fear of the unknown and embrace the only constant in life: change. 

Services: I Ching 🪙

Dao De Jing (Spirituality & Religion)

81 Day Program

As Low As $2100 or $25/Day

$2,965 Value!

(Based on approximately 37 total program hours over 81 days)

16 weekly 1.5 Hr Sessions

Daily Relaxation into Awe

Follow 81 Brief and Endlessly Complex Ancient Poems:

The Dao De Jing

Introduction to the 2,500 year-old Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Folk Religion: Daoism


Dive deeply inward to connect with your surroundings and find purpose and reverence in even the most mundane facets of your daily life.

Services: Dao De Jing ☯️

4-Fold Unfolding

270 Day Program

As Low As $5850 or $25/Day

$10,206 Value!

(Based on approximately 126 total program hours over 270 days)

44 weekly 1.5 Hr Sessions

Daily Touchstones of Small Successes Building into Great Triumphs

Stack All Four LAUNCH!, Self-Compassion, I Ching, and Dao De Jing Programs into one Comprehensive Program 

1. Plan Your Daily to Yearly Schedule and Goals

2. Befriend the Darkest Parts of Yourself

3. Embrace the Nature of Change

4. Unlearn that Which Must be Surrendered in Time


Meet your Oldest Future Self. Radically reshape and evolve your way of being in the world from your foundation up to the rafters in 9 months.*

*This program is a process of progressively letting go of what you know, who you are, and how you are to make space for the oldest and purest parts of yourself to arise. Be aware that this may be destabilizing and challenging in unforeseeable ways. The end of 9 months may only feel like a door opening to a much larger process.

Services: 4Fold 📿

Client Testimonials

Constantine's coaching changed my life! I was experiencing a lot of anxiety around my purpose when I found his services. I took his Dao De Jing program and did a 180 in those 81 days! Now I'm more balanced, confident in my path and striving financially. He's the real deal. Highly recommend!

K. F., former client

As a former commitment-phobe, Mr. Dhonau helped improve my confidence and held me accountable. His curriculum was highly beneficial, helped me organize my thoughts, and split one large goal I had been procrastinating on into small steps so it was more feasible. I would highly recommend his program to others, and think that when you take into account all of his assurance , support, and how accessible he was, LAUNCH is a true bargain.

R. W., former client

Constantine's teachings have been some of the most amazing influences to my journey and he's helped me align so many parts of my life! He has a way of unlocking doors you didn't know existed. I'm so grateful to have worked with him and 100% suggest his coaching for others!! THIS IS YOUR SIGN!

B. E., former client

I recently worked with Constantine on my MFA in Poetry applications and his support went above and beyond what I expected...He was also able to see the big picture of my work, identify themes, and provide feedback on how to more fully encompass my poetic will not find someone as talented, compassionate, and astute as Constantine. I am so grateful to have him on my writing team!

E. T., former client

Services: Testimonials
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