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Are you at a crossroads?

Feeling out of alignment?

Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually?

Unsure of your next steps? 

Searching for meaning, purpose, peace, motivation?

Are you wanting to start, build, or improve a project, team, or business?

I can teach you skills to build a better relationship with yourself, your career, your partner, and your purpose using several cognitive models, communication tools, spiritual philosophy, and productivity models.

I offer individualized coaching in 3-session Cycles and Coaching Programs designed for a specific purpose.

Purple Skies

1:1 or Group Life Coaching Sessions

1 Coaching Cycle = 3, 1-Hour Sessions

$50 Deposit to Reserve Your Spot

$243 per Cycle

1 Cycle - First Cycle only $200!
2 Cycles - 6 Sessions @ $443
3 Cycles - 9 Sessions @ $686
4 Cycles - 12 Sessions @ $929
5 Cycles - 15 Sessions @ $1172
6 Cycles - 18 Sessions @ $1415

Personal, Relationship, and Career Coaching

Reach the Top

Personal Coaching

Balance Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial Life

  • Self-Compassion, Self-Efficacy, Self-Esteem

  • Financial Planning

  • Non-Violent Communication (Speaking & Listening)

  • Communication Continuum

  • Spiritual Exploration & Connection

Purple Skies

Coaching Programs

5 Programs Designed for Progress

Reserve your program today with a $500 Deposit

Pay Monthly - or- Save an Extra 5% when you Pay In-Full!

As an added BONUS you get a discount on individual follow-up Coaching Sessions!

LAUNCH! 32 Days

Productive Routine & Habits, Start/Finish a Project

Self-Compassion 56 Days

Build a healthier relationship with yourself

I Ching 64 Days

Support with Embracing Change & Transition

Dao De Jing 81 Days

Find Your Way & Life Purpose

Four-Fold Unfolding 270 Days

Stack all 4 programs for full-integration


Program Extensions / Follow-Up Sessions

Need more time? After completing any program, get a 20% discount on individual follow-up sessions!




6     1.5 Hr Sessions

32    Daily Interventions

Productivity & Project Launching:

  • Productivity

  • Organization

  • Expand Your Strengths

  • Integrate Your Growth Edges

  • Focus & Perseverance

$795 Paid In-Full (Save 20%)

Monthly Payment Plan $500 x 2 months

As Low As  $25/Day - $1,132 Value!​

Client Testimonials

Constantine's coaching changed my life! I was experiencing a lot of anxiety around my purpose when I found his services. I took his Dao De Jing program and did a 180 in those 81 days! Now I'm more balanced, confident in my path and striving financially. He's the real deal. Highly recommend!

K. F., former client

As a former commitment-phobe, Mr. Dhonau helped improve my confidence and held me accountable. His curriculum was highly beneficial, helped me organize my thoughts, and split one large goal I had been procrastinating on into small steps so it was more feasible. I would highly recommend his program to others, and think that when you take into account all of his assurance , support, and how accessible he was, LAUNCH is a true bargain.

R. W., former client

Constantine's teachings have been some of the most amazing influences to my journey and he's helped me align so many parts of my life! He has a way of unlocking doors you didn't know existed. I'm so grateful to have worked with him and 100% suggest his coaching for others!! THIS IS YOUR SIGN!

B. E., former client

I recently worked with Constantine on my MFA in Poetry applications and his support went above and beyond what I expected...He was also able to see the big picture of my work, identify themes, and provide feedback on how to more fully encompass my poetic will not find someone as talented, compassionate, and astute as Constantine. I am so grateful to have him on my writing team!

E. T., former client