Programs Designed
for Progress

5 uniquely designed programs
targeted towards specific goals



32 Days

As Low As $795


$1,132 Value!

6 Weekly 1.5 Hour Sessions

32 Daily Interventions

RESULTS: You will know exactly what to expect from yourself daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly. 

ABOUT: LAUNCH! is specifically designed for one thing: launching a project, dream, or routine. It takes at least 28 days to build a new habit. LAUNCH! is an invaluable accountability and productivity-driving system which highlights your strengths, brings your growth-edges into awareness, and empowers you to leap over and dodge obstacles like an Olympian.

This is by far the most self-directed program – and it has to be. This program will get you started, layout the steps, fast-track your progress, make the done-line (NOT dead-line!), and celebrate! 


If you are seeking a condensed and intense launchpad

  • Passion Projects on the Back Burner

  • Struggling to Start/Maintain a New Habit (Gym, Diet, etc.)

  • Struggling with a Business Start-Up

  • Struggling to Grow Your Business

  • Procrastinating on a Big Work/School Project

This is the best program for you and your immediate needs.

WARNING: This program is designed for people who already put their nose to the grindstone and are seeking guidance, direction, and accountability to stay on-track. 

HOW IT WORKS: 32 Daily goals & rewards. 6 weekly 1.5 hour sessions. Chunking your big ideas into daily actionable steps. Weekly recap, integration & prep. Before completion, we will set your next big goal so you can use the tools we practiced together and plan your celebration.



56 Days

As Low As $1350


$1,920 Value!

10 Weekly 1.5 Hour Sessions

56 Daily Interventions

RESULTS: Learn & implement research-backed tools for loving yourself, unconditionally, every day.

ABOUT: Self-Compassion is specifically designed for one thing: improving your relationship with yourself. "Self-Compassion" became a psychological theory in 2003 thanks to the research of Dr. Kristen Neff. It was a major component of my research study (Self-Compassion in LGBTQIA+ Individuals) and forever-changed my relationship  with myself. This program utilizes the research-backed materials designed by Dr. Neff, paced over 8 weeks.

You will learn, practice, and discuss the process of choosing:

  • Self-Kindness vs. Self-Judgement

  • Common Humanity vs. Isolation

  • Mindfulness vs. Over-Identification


If you want to learn to love yourself unconditionally

  • Struggling to love yourself

  • Struggling to feel worthy, deserving, and powerful

  • Searching for a research-backed method of improvement

  • You want to enjoy who you are and the life you choose to live

This is the best program for you and your immediate needs.

HOW IT WORKS: 56 Daily exercises. 10 weekly 1.5 hours sessions. 1 workbook. Identify areas of struggle and cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself. Before completion, we’ll build a list of your favorite exercises to carry with you in your daily and weekly life.


I Ching

64 Days

As Low As $1600


$2,264 Value!

10 Weekly 1.5 Hour Sessions

64 Daily Interventions

RESULTS: Learn and implement skills to conquer your fear of the unknown and embrace the only constant in life: change. 

ABOUT: Built around the ancient wisdom of "The Book of Changes," this program is specifically designed for one thing: mastering change. The I Ching (Book of Changes) is a 3,000 year-old collection of 64 "Hexagrams," filled with ancient Chinese wisdom. 


If you are facing a major life transition

  • Creating a change for yourself

  • Starting a new career

  • Grieving through death

  • Moving to a new home

  • Coping with an illness

This is the best program for you and your immediate needs.

HOW IT WORKS: 64 daily interventions. 12 weekly 1.5 hour sessions to create, review, and integrate your relationship with change and transition. You will learn to embrace and flow through change, and let it flow through you. Before completion, we will integrate the deepest lessons you've discovered and plan your celebration.


Dao De Jing

81 Days

As Low As $2100


$2,965 Value!

16 weekly 1.5 Hr Sessions

81 Daily Interventions

RESULTS: Find your way in the world and connect with something greater than yourself (whatever that may be) in your everyday life.

ABOUT: Dao De Jing is specifically designed for one thing: cultivating spiritual connection to live in meaningful way. The Dao De Jing (Book of The Way & It's Virtue) is a 2,500 year-old collection of Ancient Chinese wisdom. It is the most-translated text in the world, second only to the Bible. It is 81 poems about – quite simply – "the art of living."


If you wish to be more settled in yourself and your place in the world

  • Deeper meaning in daily life

  • Aligning with your purpose

  • Spiritual/religious exploration

  • Daily ceremonies & rituals

  • Learning about Daoism/Ancient Chinese traditions

Then this the best program for you and your immediate needs.

HOW IT WORKS: 81 daily interventions. 16 weekly 1.5 hour sessions to create, review, and integrate your personal goals. You will learn 

  • Where you feel resistance in your life

  • How to surrender to and maneuver around resistance 

  • How to maintain a state of acceptance

Before completion, we will integrate the deepest lessons you've discovered and plan your celebration. This experience will only teach you more as you carry it with you through your life.

starshade_main-4 (dragged).png

4Fold Unfolding

270 Days

As Low As $5850


$10,206 Value!

44 weekly 1.5 Hr Sessions

233 Daily Interventions

RESULTS: Tear down everything you think you know and rebuild in a complete and supported deep dive.

ABOUT: “The Four-Fold Unfolding” is so-named for the unfolding process of 4 combined Life Coaching Programs into one complete narrative of personal growth. It is completely customizable and individualized within the scaffolding of each Program Chapter, targeted towards your wants, needs, and vision as it evolves over the course of 8 months. Starting from the surface level of your daily routine, we dive progressively deeper into the core of your being and relationship with the world around you. 


If you're seeking a in-depth journey of radical self-discovery and sustained integration

  • Struggling to cope with changes in your life beyond your control

  • Preparing to make a change in your life

  • Learning about what is and is not in your control in your life

  • Creating a healthier, more open relationship with change

Then this the best program for you and your immediate needs.

HOW IT WORKS: 233 daily interventions. 44 weekly 1.5 hour sessions to create, review, and integrate your personal goals. You will experience:


Build the foundations for productive habits.


Cultivate unconditional love in your relationship with yourself.

I Ching

Receive the ancient wisdom of The Book of Changes to create a parallel process and embrace the only constant in life: Change.

Dao De Jing

The culminating experience and full-integration of enhanced productivity, unconditional self-love, and radical acceptance of change. The fourth and final step: Live your inner power and flow through your Way in the world. 

Before completion, we will integrate the deepest lessons you've discovered and plan your celebration. It is likely that your experience of the world will change as a result of this program and it's important to prepare from stepping away from such an intense container of growth, accountability, and paradigm-shifting.



$64 per Session

$81 Value!

If you wish to schedule follow-up 1-hour sessions beyond any of these programs, this price is only available to those who successfully complete any of the listed programs: LAUNCH!, Self-Compassion, I Ching, Dao De Jing, or Four-Fold Unfolding.


Client Testimonials

Constantine's coaching changed my life! I was experiencing a lot of anxiety around my purpose when I found his services. I took his Dao De Jing program and did a 180 in those 81 days! Now I'm more balanced, confident in my path and striving financially. He's the real deal. Highly recommend!

K. F., former client

As a former commitment-phobe, Mr. Dhonau helped improve my confidence and held me accountable. His curriculum was highly beneficial, helped me organize my thoughts, and split one large goal I had been procrastinating on into small steps so it was more feasible. I would highly recommend his program to others, and think that when you take into account all of his assurance , support, and how accessible he was, LAUNCH is a true bargain.

R. W., former client

Constantine's teachings have been some of the most amazing influences to my journey and he's helped me align so many parts of my life! He has a way of unlocking doors you didn't know existed. I'm so grateful to have worked with him and 100% suggest his coaching for others!! THIS IS YOUR SIGN!

B. E., former client

I recently worked with Constantine on my MFA in Poetry applications and his support went above and beyond what I expected...He was also able to see the big picture of my work, identify themes, and provide feedback on how to more fully encompass my poetic will not find someone as talented, compassionate, and astute as Constantine. I am so grateful to have him on my writing team!

E. T., former client