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Collateral Intentions

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"The most raw, potent, and relatable, portrait of the human experience you will read today. This coming-of-age mosaic evokes your deepest fears and highest aspirations throughout your own life's journey. Any page at random will carve a smile, lump your throat, and make you forget yourself until you come back to earth from being lost in your own memories. Collateral Intentions chronicles a decade of our finest years: crossing the threshold into adulthood. Constantine Dhonau spills blood in ink for 222 pages without restraint."

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4 out of 4 Stars!

"...Collateral Intentions is the perfect blend of action, adventure, suspense, education, and inspiration. Constantine is an excellent storyteller and an exceptional poet. I like everything about this book...One of this book's most vital elements was the author's expressive style. I could feel all the emotions reeling out of every line, especially in the poems. The descriptions were so vivid that they painted images in my head of what the author was communicating. Take, for instance, these lines from "Cascade:" "Feel it's long, massaging arms; Kissing each uncovered pore; Bring the scent of wild love; Pouring over from above."...Collateral Intentions induces self-reflection. It makes one reminisce about life and encourages self-growth. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because it is an exceptional read. There are a few errors, but they don't impede the book's flow. I recommend this book to every teenager and adult passing through hard storms of indecision in the present stage of their life; this book is a sure guide on overcoming such indecision. This book will especially appeal to poetry lovers. The author's poetry skill is top-notch, and the themes are both entertaining and informative."

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