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From March 23, 2022

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Personal Coaching

Balance Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial Life

  • Self-Compassion, Self-Efficacy, Self-Esteem

  • Financial Planning

  • Non-Violent Communication (Speaking & Listening)

  • Communication Continuum

  • Spiritual Exploration & Connection

Program Extensions / Follow-Up Sessions

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6     1.5 Hr Sessions

32    Daily Interventions

Productivity & Project Launching:

  • Productivity

  • Organization

  • Expand Your Strengths

  • Integrate Your Growth Edges

  • Focus & Perseverance

$795 Paid In-Full (Save 20%)

Monthly Payment Plan $500 x 2 months

As Low As  $25/Day - $1,132 Value!​

The Bindings Behind the Book

At what point does practicing vulnerability fortify us such that we become...invulnerable?

That is the quintessential motif of Collateral Intentions, the complete collection of more than 10 years of my writing (17-28 years-old), pulled from journals, letters, and shoebox caches. It's been over a decade since I started journaling. I write in them as privately as anyone does, but I share them openly, allowing others to read, write, and scribble themselves onto the pages alongside mine. 


Because I don't believe we should fear and isolate our private darkness.

Because we must embody our unique strangeness to discover how many others are privately like us.

Because cringing at our past means we've grown in the present.

Because my life is not lived in a vacuum. It is enriched by all my shared connections. And so, my journals are my life and my life is a shared expression.

In short

Life is a collaboration and the more we share, the more we get out of it.




Enlightenment is the ability to cease thought

Maturity is the ability to accept imperfection

Ignorance is falsely believing (and more importantly, believing that others believe falsely)

Personal Truth is the only Truth

The Truth is always within reach and worth pursuing

Perspective is not seeing something new in the same way, it is seeing the same thing in different ways, and requires creativity, that is why creativity is freedom

Abstract Surface

When's the last time you had a good talk with yourself? The last time you revisited younger versions of yourself? Spent time with the person you used to be?

Not many people do. Sure, they have their memories of the past, but few ever talk to that person, really gotten to know that other self, who saw differently, who spoke differently, who heard and behaved and believed differently.

Who you are when you write is written for you to see. 

That's what Collateral Intentions is all about. Over a decade of journal entries, poems, short stories, and letters, ages 17 to 28. It's a mirror. It's an exploration of those heartfelt efforts which turned against us AND those mistakes which became our greatest blessings, in time.

This is your chance to see who you've been. To take a second-look at who you are now.