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My Experience

CPLC, Positive Intelligence™ Coach, MHFA™ Instructor, Relationship Coach

555 days (8,000+ hours) over the course of nearly 4 years working with teens, young adults, and their families to find stability and direction using dozens of proven therapeutic models and techniques. 

I have my degree in research psychology from the honors college of Florida, New College, as well as extensive personal and professional development training from AmeriCorps.

I became a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) and Mental Health First Aid™ (MHFA) Instructor to bring my interdisciplinary skills under one focus and offer a unique coaching experience to the couples and individuals I work with. 

I am currently training as a Positive Intelligence™ (PQ) Coach, learning how to transform self-judgement and self-sabotage into self-mastery.


My Backstory

Finding a life coach you like, trust, and gel with can be an intimidating venture. Make sure it's a good match.

My Approach:

I get the best results with the people I work with when we build a both playful and professional relationship to support, question, and challenge each other in our growth. While I do maintain a structured overarching goal that is informed by years of experience and extensive research, we often riff on whatever comes up in session and adjust our trajectory as necessary to reach our larger goal in the most organic, enjoyable way possible. I believe in a collaborative “gradual release” method in which I might be providing more support and guidance in the beginning and allow you to take more power over your process as you get more excited about it. Above all, when something notable happens in session or between sessions, I help us to stay objective and curious so that we can get the most out of the lesson that’s trying to be learned (or unlearned).

My path of personal, professional, and spiritual development has taken many forms. I’ve learned grit, surrender, compromise, leadership, humility, honesty, and how to be of service throughout my journey. 

My personal growth stems from more than a decade of self-reflection through collaborative journaling, publishing a hybrid memoir, studying and practicing self-compassion, and traveling solo through Europe and the U.S.

My professional experience builds on my research psychology degree, an Americorps gap year, training with Outward Bound, working as a wilderness therapy guide, life coaching, and continued education.

My spiritual journey draws from multi-cultural ceremonies, existential inquiry, divination, and Daoism.

My Story:

I was raised by my mother and my aunt in St. Petersburg, Florida. I was somewhat rebellious in high school. Non-conformity and a devastating first love and heartbreak slowed my education. But, I ended up studying abroad in Spain for a summer, travelled through Italy and Greece, and passed my research psychology undergrad dissertation on Self-Compassion in LGBTQIA+ Individuals at New College of Florida, where I began my journey with self-compassion, steeped in a different form of rebellion: social justice.

Post-university, I was rocked by the aftershock of a second love and devastating heartbreak while I volunteered for a gap year with City Year Denver, an AmeriCorps program completing 1,800 service hours in a 5th-grade English classroom and holding trainings as the Leadership Development Coordinator. Then, I enrolled in a 52-day instructor development course with Outward Bound.

We backpacked in Colorado, crack-climbed in Wyoming, fasted during a 3-day solo, and completed a 2-week practical in Alaska by backpacking across a glacier and bushwhacking through Alaskan backcountry. I finished, despite a knee injury, and discovered a deep calm from such a long stint immersed in nature. The following year I went back to Florida to rehab my knee and get “back on my feet,” both literally and metaphorically. I worked both a day and night job with little time in between while struggling with the belief that I had failed to achieve my dream of becoming a guide. I eventually made it back to Denver, where I held 3 jobs in retail, youth mentorship, and driving for Lyft until I finally started as a field guide for Open Sky Wilderness Therapy. In 3 1/2 years, I worked over 550 days in the field (8,000+ hours) working with teens and young adults in crisis, backpacking through the Utah desert and Colorado mountains. 

Open Sky trained me to be an incredibly competent and confident guide for others. I learned a litany of therapeutic skills for coping, communicating, containing, reframing, redirecting, culture crafting, mentoring, and more at the individual and group level. However, the reward of that work is directly proportional to the amount of challenge it holds. Shortly after being promoted to Senior 4 Field Guide and publishing my first book, Collateral Intentions, I decided to step into a new chapter.

My spirituality found warm soil to root into in two of the most ancient texts of China: the I Ching (YEE-chjing; “The Book of Changes”; 3000 BCE~1000 BCE) and the Dao De Jing (DOW-duh-chjing; “The Book of The Way and Its Virtue”; ~300 BCE), and have since started work on my own Dao De Jing. For those last several shifts, I held at least one ceremony for myself every day, led one final orientation for new guides.

To mark my transition, I hiked 4 days on the Arizona trail before completing my first Hanbleyca (on-BLEY-cha; “crying for a vision in the night;” a beautiful Lakota ceremony which involves making hundreds or prayer ties to create a 10-foot circle you commit to stay in for 4 days and nights without food or water), followed by an extracurricular 4 days of no food (with water). All of these components of my transition brought me a deeper spiritual trust and closer to unconditional love for myself.

My degree in psychology, introspective tendencies, affinity for service, guiding, and spiritualism converged into the current of life coaching. I now work with people to improve their relationship with themselves, others, and the world we live in as a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC), Positive Intelligence™ Coach, and Relationship Coach. 

I offer coaching packages for:

- Young couples wanting to thrive together (3-Session Cycles)

Plus 5 targeted coaching programs for individual deep dives into:

- Reprogramming daily habits (30 days)

- Fostering self-compassion (2 months)

- Embracing change (2 months)

- Exploring spirituality (3 months)

- A whole-being package which stacks all 4 programs (9 months)

If my approach, my experience, my story, and the programs I offer seem compatible and inspiring, please schedule a free consultation now!


Get the Whole Story

Reserve Your Copy of Collateral Intentions Now

The most raw, potent, and relatable, portrait of the human experience you will read today. This coming-of-age mosaic evokes your deepest fears and highest aspirations throughout your own life's journey. Any page at random will carve a smile, lump your throat, and make you forget yourself until you come back to earth from being lost in your own memories. Collateral Intentions chronicles a decade of our finest years: crossing the threshold into adulthood. Constantine Dhonau spills blood in ink for 222 pages without restraint.


Client Testimonials

Constantine's coaching changed my life! I was experiencing a lot of anxiety around my purpose when I found his services. I took his Dao De Jing program and did a 180 in those 81 days! Now I'm more balanced, confident in my path and striving financially. He's the real deal. Highly recommend!

K. F., former client

As a former commitment-phobe, Mr. Dhonau helped improve my confidence and held me accountable. His curriculum was highly beneficial, helped me organize my thoughts, and split one large goal I had been procrastinating on into small steps so it was more feasible. I would highly recommend his program to others, and think that when you take into account all of his assurance , support, and how accessible he was, LAUNCH is a true bargain.

R. W., former client

Constantine's teachings have been some of the most amazing influences to my journey and he's helped me align so many parts of my life! He has a way of unlocking doors you didn't know existed. I'm so grateful to have worked with him and 100% suggest his coaching for others!! THIS IS YOUR SIGN!

B. E., former client

I recently worked with Constantine on my MFA in Poetry applications and his support went above and beyond what I expected...He was also able to see the big picture of my work, identify themes, and provide feedback on how to more fully encompass my poetic will not find someone as talented, compassionate, and astute as Constantine. I am so grateful to have him on my writing team!

E. T., former client